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Enhancing understanding and knowledge of mental health and neurodiversity in the education ecosystem to drive meaningful change.

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Purpose and Vision

Every Child Actually Matters. A targeted approach image. Actually Education Logo. Unseen will be seen. Strengths will be recognised. Differences and diversity will be celebrated. Aspirations will be enabled.

Our purpose is to challenge the current perspective on mental health and neurodiversity, which is rooted in the deficit model, and to facilitate positive change.

Our vision is that the unseen will be seen, strengths will be recognised, differences and diversity will be celebrated, and aspirations will be enabled because every child actually matters.

Our Values

Celebratory – we see strengths first and celebrate difference

Inclusive – we respect dignity in diversity

Aspirational – we support individuals to fulfil their potential

Collaborative – we believe we achieve more together

Icon images for each of Actually Education values - Celebratory, inclusive, aspirational, collaborative
Our values inform our behaviour, Do and Don't in speech bubbles

Celebratory – we showcase difference as a strength, we don’t focus on limitations, we take the time to recognise achievements.

Inclusive – we actively seek new perspectives, we don’t confine ourselves to one way of working, we encourage and positively respond to feedback.

Aspirational – we challenge barriers to achievement, we don’t stifle others’ ambitions, we help create building blocks towards success.

Collaborative – we listen and learn with others, we don’t assume that we know best, we share knowledge and responsibility.

Our values are reflected in the way we work. Do and Don't in speech bubbles.

Celebratory – we gather examples of achievements, we honour lived experience, we hold events and awards to celebrate in a safe environment.

Inclusive – we use our knowledge to anticipate barriers, we work differently according to others needs, we are mindful of the language we use.

Aspirational – we identify strengths, we enable others to achieve their ambitions, we showcase positive role models.

Collaborative – we work with partners who embrace our values, we work with others to increase understanding and remove barriers, we play to people’s strengths.

Our Director Group and Project Team

A mind map with collaboration in the centre surrounded by profile photos of the Director and Project team

Our founder and CEO, Joanne Feaster, has lived experience of depression and anxiety and is a proud mum to two young children. She wants to improve the resources and understanding within education around mental health and neurodiversity. The idea to deliver such content via an online platform came from working in the EdTech sector and seeing the huge potential an online platform has to reach a large audience and have a significant impact on them.

Knowing that a collaborative approach would be the best way to achieve success, a project team and founding director group were formed from existing trusted contacts and personal recommendations. Our founding Director Group and Project Team has diverse and complementary experience and skillsets.

Look out for upcoming blogs introducing the team and why we’re so passionate about the Actually Education project! We will also be looking to expand our team in due course so please join our newsletter list if you would like to be notified of future opportunities to become involved.

Our Community

Actually Education logo in centre circle ringed by 4 smaller circles for each of our 4 community groups: children and young people, parents and carers, educators, other professionals.

We have four interlinked yet distinct communities within the education ecosystem that we aim to reach and co-design our content with:

  • Children and young people
  • Parents and carers
  • Educators
  • Other Professionals

Within each of these groups are many sub-groups and overlapping relationships. We believe a collaborative approach by all these groups is the only way to truly ensure that every child actually matters.

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