Book Reviews by Actually Education

Welcome to our book reviews page! Here our lovely volunteer book reviewer Noeleen Hammond Jones will be taking a look at various different levels of books aimed at a variety of different age groups and giving us her thoughts on each one, each with a link to neurodiversity.

Noeleen has gained a following of over 10,000 people on Instagram with her account @irishbookmammy and also has helped to create global book communities on the platform too. You can also check out Noeleen’s “Good Reads” page here. Additionally, in keeping with the rest of our team Noeleen is on the diagnosis track for ADHD and so has a personal interest in neurodiversity.

Below you will find a selection of Noeleen’s reviews which we hope that you find informative and useful as a parent or carer.

Y’Know That Kid by Noeleen Smith

A fantastic kids book raising awareness of autism. Noeleen Smith an Irish author has written Y’Know That Kid? (You Know that Kid) for her daughter Aoibhinn who was diagnosed at a young age. This book is a great tool to help children understand the world from the perspective of a child with autism. 

Highlighting how their brains work differently and how the view everyday things in an easy to read rhyming format. The stunning illustrations positioned on every 2nd page aid children and adults to contextualise the books message on the importance of empathy, inclusivity and understanding. 

It’s a beautiful book with an important message sharing Noeleen’s experience of parenting an autistic child. This book addresses issues such as how each child reacts differently to food, noises, colours, communication and other sensory experiences. 

Ultimately this book helps children and adults to understand and accept the differences an autistic child might exhibit and embrace those differences to develop understanding and accepting relationships.

“Y’Know That Kid is written by Noeleen Jones and her Instagram is @noeleensmith