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Upcoming Events!

Below are our upcoming Listening Circles and the topics for each;

  • 20th March 2024 Wednesday 4.30pm (Listening Circle on Zoom) – Topic: Self Care & Mental Health
  • 1st May 2024 Wednesday 4.00pm (Listening Circle on Zoom) – Topic: Planning for the Summer
Contact us by email to learn more about these events! [email protected]
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About our Listening Circles

Listening circles make up an important part of our research work. We use listening circles to build important links to our community, gather evidence and provide support.

They are for parents and carers supporting children and young people within the UK education system.

We use the space to gather perspectives but the main goal is to allow participants a safe space to be able to share experiences they may have struggled to share before. Even if we hear nothing new we have succeeded if one parent is able to gain support from talking to others without judgement.

Some other features of [our] listening circles are…

  • It’s a positive space and we laugh a lot – the humour that comes through from our experiences and situations we find ourselves in!
  • Participants speak, uninterrupted and without judgement
  • We host them on zoom
  • We are here to listen no matter how many times you need to say something – so whether you attend for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 10th you are always welcome
  • It’s a safe space – we ask people to register in advance, we don’t share personal details, you can keep your camera off and we encourage people not to divulge identifying information. We also follow a strong safeguarding policy at all times
  • As facilitators we have our own experience of mental health and/or neurodivergence and our principles around non judgement are paramount. We have two facilitators on the call in case you would like to speak privately
  • We use “jamboard” – an anonymous sticky note system – to collate things
  • We ask you to complete a consent form to allow us to anonymously use your experiences as evidence for developing resources, things that need to improve and write content to support other parents and carers
  • We never push people to contribute more than they want to – we respect you and your experience

If you have any questions please also get in touch, we’re always very happy to help.

Contact us by email to learn more about these events! [email protected]