Project Aims

We have big ambitions for Actually Education in terms of what we want to achieve and the information below will give you a flavour of our underlying approach and ultimate aims. 

Key to achieving our ambitions will be the involvement of our communities in helping to shape and develop our resources through co-production. This process will start with ‘listening circles’ to identify the gaps in current resources our communities need and would benefit from.

A listening ear within a circle with arrows pointing toward the ear

Living and breathing our values will help enable our vision

The unseen will be seen, strengths will be recognised, differences and diversity will be celebrated, and aspirations will be enabled because every child actually matters.

Actually Education Logo - 2 head outlines facing each other, on left scrambled lines for brain, arrow point to one on right with cogs for brain. Actually Education underneath heads.

Overarching Themes

The social model of disability

Diagram showing deficit model of disability where individual seen as problem, arrow pointing to Social model of disability where society seen as putting barriers in place of individuals

We will develop resources to raise awareness in all our communities about different mental health and neurodivergent conditions using the social model of disability.

Targeted resources

Image of target with arrow in centre, writing 'A targeted approach'

We will develop resources that are appropriate for each of our intended communities and for the different age ranges of children and young people.

Our Communities

Children and Young People

Cartoon style images of range of age groups of children in groups or as individuals, various races and genders
  • Have fun finding out about all the different ways of thinking and doing things.
  • Understand yourself and your friends and why you might think and act differently.
  • Discover and celebrate your strengths and differences.

Parents and Carers

Cartoon style images of parents and carers reflecting diverse family and caring groupings
  • Discover what behaviours you might see that could indicate mental health or neurodivergent conditions.
  • Find out what support is out there and how to access it.
  • Try out our quick win strategies to help remove barriers and play to strengths.
  • Share and receive tips and best practices.


Cartoon style images of educators - various styles, genders and races
  • Discover how mental health and neurodivergent conditions might impact children and young people in your education setting.
  • Try our quick win strategies to help remove barriers and play to strengths.
  • Share and receive tips and best practices.

Other Professionals

Cartoon style images reflecting other professionals various genders and races and situations
  • Gain insight into different mental health and neurodivergent conditions and how these might present.
  • Discover the benefits of the social model of disability and the positive impact that approach can bring.
  • Share and receive tips and best practices.
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